Happy New Year!

This New Year Blessing is offered by my friend Dr. Larry Edwards, a yoga and meditation teacher in the Hudson Valley of New York

May you know the boundless love radiating from the Divine,
the eternal living flame of Love present within your heart.
May you know freedom from pain and suffering
through the wisdom born of directly knowing the truth of who you are.
May you feel the living presence of the Divine within you as you, and know your senses to be messengers of the Divine presence.
May you live in harmony with yourself and bring peace, compassion, patience and kindness to all that you do.
May you know the unity of all within the body of the Divine and live with love for the earth and all her inhabitants.
May you be graced with daily opportunities to selflessly serve the One by helping to relieve the suffering of others.
May you know the sublime ecstasy of dissolving all illusions in the One.

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